Quick Tour

  1. Solid Studio Style Light with Large reflective umbrella to light guests faces.

  2. DSLR Sensor equipped Camera

  3. 10.2in Touch Screen For viewing and controlling the booth

  4. Telescoping tower allows for the camera and controls to moved up or down to accommodate people of different heights.


We use a 1080 rated capacitive touch screen. That allows everyone whose ever used a smartphone the ability to operate our booth. it also allows viewing of the photos as they are happening.


Our camera is a DSLR sensor powered dream with a built in Ai to help it produce the best possible photo every time. has true HDR functionality.

Quality Photo’s

Our images are capable of being printed off at any local or online print shop. We have has success up to a 8x12. individual pictures like these are included on the USB drive given at the end of the night. SEE VIDEO BELOW

Inside Our Booth

Below you can see me operating the booth to give you and an idea of what goes on when your guests are inside.


This is everything generated by the booth over the curse of the event. Its the prints, Animations, Gifs, & Single Images. The prints are what come out of the booth at the event. Animations & Gifs are good for blackmailing people after your event. The Singles are individual pictures used to create the strips. They could in most cases be taken and printed out by them selves as 5x7.

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