Event Template Options

These are just some of the template options we have developed over the last 2 years. We have about 55 exclusive designs. We also have no problem making something very special for your big day/Event.

100% customized to your event

We make it special in way that no else in the area does. From custom one off templates to full on themed templates we do it all

Going Beyond Boring

We like to Spice things up a bit. Do a little creative endeavor for our clients because sometimes last names are long and don’t always fit in the “store bought” template without being so small you can barely read it.

These Memories Are Printed

Not only do you get a copy of every print from the photo booth. But your guest gets a copy of the memories they created with family members from Close & Far away.


The limited of what can be put on strip is limited by copyright infringement and your imagination. We have large Image galleries that we can pull images from we also have the ability to draw custom artwork. If your wedding colors are Gold, Pink, & Plum we got you covered

Other Events

We do more than just weddings we do Birthday Parties, Graduations, Anniversaries, Sweet 16, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Halloween, & Company Events


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Contact Us

Let us design a template for you. Or we can answer any questions you have about what we do.

Email us at ohsnap@mail.com

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